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They'll Love it Here!

Whether pooches are small or large, or any size in between – or the indoor or outdoor type, we have the perfect suite to fit your dog’s needs.

All suites offer plenty of room to stretch or play, and are climatically controlled to address changes in our North Country weather. Daily maid service is included to keep things clean and healthy, and each suite comes equipped with a soft, comfy bed to rest peacefully.

Our Standard Suites measure 8 feet by 4 feet provide two options. The first contains a private room with access to an adjoining private indoor courtyard. The second is a private room with fun-loving romps three times a day in our exercise yard.

Our Luxury Suites measure 8 feet by 8 feet that provides a spacious room with an optional adjoining indoor courtyard or fun-loving romps three times a day in our exercise yard. Each luxury suite has a video camera to view pets over the Internet, enabling you to remain in constant contact with your best pal.

Naturally, hugs and pats from our caring staff come included.



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